When do I apply to Limerick Education Centre for the Droichead process using form DR1?

You can apply as soon as you commence service in a Droichead school:

  • in an eligible setting and
  • in a post minimum duration of at least 60 consecutive school days (in the case of primary) or a block of 200 hours (in the case of post-primary)

How do I apply?

In order to commence Droichead you apply electronically to Limerick Education Centre (http://www.lec.ie/). An email confirmation is issued to you from Limerick Education Centre confirming that you have have registered for the Droichead process. This e-mail must be retained as a copy is required by the Teaching Council at the conclusion of the process

I have some short term substitute work but I am uncertain how long it will continue. Do I apply to Limerick Education Centre for Droichead using form DR1?

No. You should apply to Limerick Education Centre to commence Droichead only if you

(1) are employed in Droichead school and

(2) you are in an eligible setting and

(3) the post is of minimum duration of 60 consecutive school days at primary level or a block or 200 hours at a post-primary level.

I have completed some of the induction workshop programme prior to September 2016. What happens if I now commence Droichead

If you commence Droichead from September 2016 you are not required to complete the induction workshop programme to satisfy a registration condition. You are required to attend at least one cluster meeting per term throughout the Droichead process.

What happens if I move school for any reason before I complete the Droichead process?

Droichead must be completed in a single setting, therefore, if you move school before the process has been completed, you will be required to submit a new DR1 form to re-register for the Droichead process, upon commencement of a new eligible teaching post in a Droichead school.

Is there a closing date for the submission of the DR1 form?

A closing date will apply to receipt of applications. Advance notice of the closing date will be posted on the Limerick Education Centre website (http://www.lec.ie/) in the second half of the school year.