1. How do I book a place for the aptitude test?

To book a place for the aptitude test please email historyandstructure@teachingcouncil.ie  quoting your name, address and your Qualifications Assessment Number (e.g. RS1234), or your Teaching Council Registration Number.

2. Where can I access material to help me prepare for the test?

The recommended study resources are listed in an explanatory note on the Teaching Council website.

3. Are sample test papers available?

Yes. Sample exam papers are appended to the explanatory note.

4. Where and when will the next test take place?

The next test will take place in Middle Loftus Hall on the South Campus of Maynooth University on Saturday, 7 April 2018 at 11.00am. Registration will commence from 10.15am.

5. What will I need to bring with me on the day of the test?

You will need to bring your invitation letter and a piece of valid identification such as a passport driving licence, work ID etc.

6. Can the questions be answered in Irish?

Yes. The Irish language version of the test is printed on the reverse of the page.

7. How long do I have to complete the test?

Candidates have a maximum of two hours to complete the test.

8. Am I permitted to leave early if I complete the test before two hours have elapsed?

You can leave when you have completed the test but you must ensure to hand your exam paper to an invigilator before you leave the room. In the interest of fairness, candidates will not be permitted to leave the hall during the final 10 minutes of the test.

9. What happens if I am unable to attend the test?

If you are unable to attend the test please notify the Council as soon as possible by emailing historyandstructure@teachingcouncil.ie or by contacting us on 01 651 7900.

10. When will I get my test results?

Results of the test will be available within a maximum of 5 weeks from the date of the test.