How do I register when I successfully complete my teacher education programme?

If you have completed a Student Consent Form, your contact and qualification details will be transferred from your college or university to the Teaching Council. You will then be issued with a NQT Application Form for Registration as a Teacher. Please complete this form at your earliest opportunity and return it to the Teaching Council with the appropriate documentation. You must also ensure that you have completed the Garda vetting process.

Information about the registration process for newly qualified teachers is available here.

Do I have to submit my transcripts?

It will be stated on your NQT Application Form if you are required to provide transcripts. Typically, if you have completed a programme other than a Bachelor of Education or a four-year concurrent programme of teacher education, you need to submit transcripts. The Council will accept the website address and login details where your academic records can be verified online (e.g. Digitary).

Please note that there is often a delay during summer months in obtaining transcripts from colleges or universities and it is advised that you have the transcripts of each year of your undergraduate degree qualification to hand prior to completing your NQT Application Form.

Where do I find my assessment reference number?

This reference number is only applicable if you have previously applied to the Teaching Council for an assessment of your qualification. The assessment reference number will be printed on the “outcome of assessment” letter issued by the Council.

What does the change from Garda Central Vetting Unit (GCVU) vetting to National Vetting Bureau (Bureau) vetting mean for me?

If you are applying for registration this year then:

  • the GCVU vetting letter is valid for registration purposes but will cease to be valid for new employment purposes on 29 April 2016,
  • you must obtain a vetting disclosure from the Bureau before you commence new employment on or after 29 April 2016.

More information is available on the Garda Vetting Overview page []

These FAQs will be updated to reflect the changes in the Garda vetting process as more information becomes available.

What must I do when I obtain a teaching position?

The Department of Education and Skills or Education and Training Board (ETB) require evidence that you are registered with the Teaching Council. You should be registered and have proof of both your registration and Garda vetting when seeking a teaching position. Further details on teacher recruitment, registration and qualifications are provided in the Department of Education and Skills Circular 0031/2011.

Can I be registered without having completed the Garda vetting process?

No. Garda vetting is a requirement of registration. A teacher will not be registered without succesful completion of Garda vetting. For registration purposes newly qualified teachers must apply for Garda vetting via the Teaching Council.

Is there a fee for registration?

Yes. The registration fee is €90. The current annual renewal fee is €65.

How will I know when I am registered?

You will receive a letter confirming your registration.

What happens if I have to complete supplemental (repeat) examinations?

If your details are not transferred to the Teaching Council in the summer months due to incomplete results or where supplemental (repeat) exams are necessary, you will be required to download a standard application form for registration. You may submit this form once you have completed any supplemental examinations successfully. At that time, all your qualification transcripts and identification (current passport/ birth certificate) will be required.

I am already registered with the Teaching Council. Do I need to do anything?

Please insert your registration number on the front page of your NQT application form.  Please complete page 1 and page 4 in full and return to the Council for processing. If you previously submitted academic transcripts, you are not required to submit them again. Your registration profile will be updated with your new qualification and a confirmation of registration will be posted to you.