Retrospective Vetting Update

This year the Teaching Council has begun to request the 33,000 registered teachers previously un-vetted by the Council to complete the vetting process. This is being done throughout the year in a scheduled manner and is called retrospective vetting.

Since the 9 January 2017, the Council requested approximately 6,677 teachers to apply for vetting as part of their renewal process. All the teachers contacted have a renewal date of the 28 March 2017 and are required to complete stage 1 and stage 2 of the vetting process in order for their renewal to be valid. Only teachers who have been asked by the Council to apply for vetting are obliged to do so in advance of registration renewal. All other teachers should renew as normal.

As of 3 March 2017, of the 6,677 teachers who have been issued a notice to apply online for vetting, prior to renewal of registration, 4,852 (73%) have complied and are now fully vetted; 541 (8%) of the teachers have started the vetting process but have yet to complete stage 2 while 1,284 (19%) of teachers have not engaged with the requirement to be vetted in order to renew their registration.

Please see the FAQs for Retrospective Vetting for further information. The Department of Education and Skills has recently published Circular 0016/17 which sets out the Statutory Requirements for the Retrospective Vetting of Teaching Staff.