Background and Objectives of Research Alive!

Background and objectives of Research Alive!

The Research Alive! group was established in 2013.  Its initial purpose was to host a one-day event to share the experiences of teachers using evidence in their work, and the results of a national survey on their evidence needs.  From this, the Research Alive! group has continued to collaborate to promote the use of research in educational practice and to promote greater sharing by teachers of their experiences of implementing research in their work.

The Research Alive! group is a collaboration between the Teaching Council, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) and the Centre for Effective Services (CES). As illustrated by the mission and objectives of the three individual organisations outlined below, together they provide a collection of mutually reinforcing objectives to enhance the connections between research, policy and practice in the context of everyday classroom practice, curriculum and assessment. The group’s agreed terms of reference are available here.