Droichead Shared Learning Bursary

A Shared Learning bursary of €500 is available for Droichead and non-Droichead schools that wish to come together as Droichead shared learning networks. Such Droichead networks will engage in a range of activities to support shared learning and collaboration. Although the Council does not intend to prescribe the activities in which a school must engage in order to be eligible, it does suggest that networks are likely to involve meetings between principals and staff of network schools, sharing resources and templates, observations by NQTs of teachers in other network schools, etc.

This bursary will be paid in a similar manner to the research bursary that supported the pilot phase; i.e., schools need to confirm their participation in a network with other schools, but no further paperwork will be required by the Council.  Droichead networks may vary in size from two schools to networks of four or more. Each network must include at least one Droichead school, schools can be cross-sectoral and there is a maximum of €2,000 per network.

Relevant application forms are now available to download here.