Wellbeing for All Group

The Wellbeing for All (WFA) Group is made up of representatives from the school community including the Teaching Council, the National Parents Council Primary, the Irish Primary Principals’ Network, the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals and the Ombudsman for Children’s Office.

In 2015 the Wellbeing for All Group was formed with the collective aim of enhancing co-operation between the group, member organisations and stakeholders, to support an enhanced and sustainable approach to wellbeing for all learners in our education system; teachers, students, parents/guardians and the whole school community.

In 2021 the group name changed from Wellbeing for Teachers and Learners to Wellbeing for All. The group meets regularly throughout the school year and to date three conferences have taken place.


November 2021

In November 2021 the Wellbeing for All group organised a Roundtable Discussion which took place online. The roundtable discussion explored the topic of wellbeing in the context of the whole school community.


  • Welcome by Tomás Ó Ruairc, Director of the Teaching Council
  • Presentations by:
    • Michael O’Riordan- Community Representative
    • India Kennedy- Student
    • Tara Sherlock- Parent 
    • Ann-Marie Ireland- Teacher 
  • Group Discussion
  • Plenary Session
  • Closing Comments

The Roundtable discussion took place via Zoom. On the day there was a voice from a teacher, parent, young person and a member of the community. Following the presentations group discussions took place in break out rooms where the following questions were posed:

  • What are the common elements/themes in what you heard today?
  • What is your understanding of wellbeing on a whole school community basis?
  • What are the gaps in addressing whole school community wellbeing?

February 2019

The second WTL conference was live streamed here and on Facebook on Saturday, 9th February from 11am to 3.30pm.

It was recorded in two parts:

  • Part 1
  • Opening by Angela Lynch of IPPN
  • Presentation by O'Connell Secondary School
  • Presentation by Our Lady of Good Counsel NS, Johnstown
  • Joint presentation from NEPS and Chief Inspector
  • Presentation by Knockbeg College
  • Presentation by Mary Mother of Hope, SNS

Part 2

  • Panel discussion
  • Group discussion
  • Plenary
  • Close

The following presentations took place on 9th February 2019:

November 2017

The inaugural WTL conference in November 2017 showcased how wellbeing was being addressed in schools around the country. A panel discussion between teachers, learners, and parent representatives chaired by the Ombudsman for Children, looked at how schools place wellbeing at the centre of their ethos. A recording of the conference can be viewed here.