Professional conversations are central to the Droichead process. Portfolio-based learning is an important process to support the newly qualified teacher in engaging in these conversations in a way that is effective and helpful. Therefore, as a self-directed learner, and to support reflective practice, newly qualified teachers will maintain a Taisce, (arising from the Gaeilge translation treasure trove).

Engaging in the process of portfolio-based learning enables the teacher to reflect on their professional learning, and identify and plan for areas in which they may need further support or guidance. Droichead allows for a large measure of flexibility in the creation of Taisce, with the format and contents decided and owned by the newly qualified teacher. Ideally, it should include key learning moments and insights from the Droichead process, including school-based induction i.e. observation of other teachers teaching, feedback following post-observation professional conversations with PST members, etc. Key learning moments from additional professional learning activities, including insights from cluster meetings and/or other professional learning events/conversations, may also be included.

Emphasis is placed on the quality, rather than quantity, of these learning opportunities. It is also important to remember that the teacher chooses which moments and insights to reflect on, and on how they wish to capture that reflection. The teacher, in collaboration with the Professional Support Team, selects relevant items from their Taisce as a focus for the professional conversations, which are central to the Droichead process.

The Teaching Council has developed this short video to further explain the Taisce concept. In this video, there are extracts from newly qualified teachers who have already completed the process.

As a professional, you are trusted to make your own decisions about your professional learning

In maintaining their Taisce, NQTs should respect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of information garnered during the course of the process. They should also be mindful of ethical and data protection considerations, anonymising data where appropriate and ensuring that their Taisce is stored securely