Conditional Registration

What is conditional registration?

This occurs when post-qualification practice conditions are applied to all Primary and Post-primary NQTs when they first register with the Teaching Council. Conditions can also be applied to those registered with Further Education.

What are the Post Qualification Practice Conditions?

The Post Qualification Practice Conditions are Droichead or Probation/Post-Qualification Employment (PQE) and Induction Workshop Programme. Further information on the Post Qualification Practice Conditions and how to address them can be found here.

Can I teach while holding conditional registration?

A teacher with conditional registration is eligible to be employed in the school sector that is appropriate to his or her qualifications in Ireland (Department of Education and Skills Circular 0031/2011).

What is the time period for completing my registration conditions?

Generally teachers are required to fulfil their registration conditions within three years of initial registration.

What conditions can be applied to a Route 1 (Primary) teacher's registration?

A Route 1 (Primary) teacher can hold the conditions of

  • Droichead
  • Probation
  • Induction Workshop Programme
  • Qualification Shortfalls
  • Irish Language Requirement

What conditions can be applied to a Route 2 (Post-primary) teacher's registration?

A Route 2 (Post-primary) teacher can hold the conditions of

  • Droichead
  • Post Qualification Employment
  • Induction Workshop Programme
  • Qualification Shortfalls
  • History and Structure of the Irish Education System

What conditions can be applied to a Route 3 (Further Education) teacher's registration?

A Route 3 (Further Education) can hold the condition of Teacher Education Qualification (TEQ).

Can I complete my Post Qualification Practice Conditions if I am teaching outside of Ireland?

The Teaching Council currently has Overseas Induction Assessment Criteria for practising teachers overseas. Please click here to view the Overseas Induction Assessment Criteria.

How do I address the non-Post Qualification Practice Conditions?

Information on addressing the conditions of Irish Language Requirement, Qualification Shortfalls and the History and Structure of the Irish Education System can be found here in the Conditional Registration - Information Note.

Is it possible to temporarily postpone my conditions if I know I will not be addressing them yet?

It is possible for a teacher to voluntarily remove themselves from the Register until they are in a position to address their conditions. Any application for re-registration will be subject to the policies and procedures in place at the time of applying.

I have been probated in a restricted setting, how do I remove this and gain full registration? 

Teachers registered under Regulation Two/Route 1 (Primary), who have previously been probated in a restricted setting may be eligible to apply for full registration in that sector subject to specific criteria. Please click here for further information.

Will the Teaching Council contact me when my conditions are due to expire?

Upon registration, a Certificate of Registration is forwarded to the teacher which sets out the condition attached to their registration and the expiry date. Three months in advance of the expiry date, the teacher will receive a reminder letter which will be followed up by an email, SMS, and final notification letter.  

Why have I received multiple letters at one time about my registration conditions?

You may receive more than one letter if you hold dual sector registration, e.g. Primary and Post-primary. The Council issue letters to all teachers that are conditionally registered clearly outlining the applicable condition and the expiry date attached.

How can I view my registration details, including, my conditions online? 

You can access your registration details on My Registration. Here you can also update your address, contact numbers and email address.

What are the contact details for the Conditions Team?

To contact the Teaching Council, please see our Contact Us page, or you can email

What if I cannot address my conditions in the allotted timeline?

In certain limited circumstances, a registered teacher may apply to the Council for an extension to his/her period of conditional registration.

What if I do not address my conditions and do not apply for an extension?

Failure to satisfactorily fulfil conditions within the defined period of time will result in a teacher's registration lapsing unless they apply for an extension.

Does renewing my registration count as an extension?

Should you renew your registration while continuing to hold expiring conditions, you may lapse from the Register of Teachers for not addressing your conditions unless you address this separately with the Council, by submitting an extension request.

What schools can Droichead be undertaken in?

The Droichead process may only be undertaken in participating schools which have been trained in the Droichead process and are part of the Droichead growth phase.

When will Droichead become the only route to Post Qualification Practice Conditions?

Droichead will be the route to induction for all NQTs by the year 2020/2021. Click here to view the Timelines for Growth Phase document.