Full Registration to those Probated in a Restricted Setting

Who is eligible to apply under this policy?

This policy applies to those teachers who have been probated in a restricted setting and who meet the eligibility/criteria and service requirement as set out in the relevant application form: SP-PROB.

Can I have other conditions, other than probation, outstanding on my registration?

No other conditions, other than "probation in mainstream", should be outstanding on your registration.

Can I receive full registration if I am registered under Regulation 3 (Route 4) - Montessori and Other Categories?

To be eligible for the purposes of this policy, you must be currently registered under Regulation 2 (Route 1) (Primary). Teachers registered in Montessori and other Regulation 3 (Route 4), who have completed probation in a restricted setting, already have full registration status.

What does the 50 consecutive days mean?

The 50 consecutive days' service requirement refers to 50 consecutive days in the same class and special education setting in excess of any service requirements for probation/Droichead. Service which occurred before being granted the status of "probated in a restricted setting" cannot be counted towards the additional days. These days must be completed in one block and cannot be split across two academic years.

Must the additional 50 consecutive days be carried out in the same class and in the same setting as my probation?

a) The policy requires that the teacher teach the same class for the 50 additional consecutive days. Teachers cannot change class during this period.

b) It can be completed in a different setting or with a different class to that used during the probationary process. It is not a requirement that it is completed in the same class in the same setting as probation.

This policy relates to teachers working in an SEN setting, would a mainstream teacher meet the criteria set out?

The policy permits service from all classroom settings, teaching a recognised curriculum. Therefore, both service in a SEN class or mainstream class settings is acceptable.

Does service pre-September 2016 count for the purposes of this policy?

Yes, the policy allows for retrospective service to be recognised. It does this in recognition of teachers who are long-time employees in the SEN sector.

If I currently hold full registration in another sector, can I apply under this Policy?

This policy only applies to those who hold the status of those probated in a restricted setting in the Primary sector with the condition of probation outstanding. It does not apply to those who currently hold Full Registration status, irrespective of the Sector.

What if I do not meet the criteria?

Teachers who apply for this policy and do not fulfil all of the criteria/ eligibility may be requested to supply additional information and advice will be given.

Does this policy apply to all teaching positions?

In the context of this policy the service given in the following positions are not eligible for consideration as they do not fulfil the class/curriculum/continuity requirements of this policy:

  • Learning Support
  • One to one tuition
  • Home tutors
  • Hospital schools
  • Resource on a withdrawal basis
  • Teachers teaching a limited number of subjects on a rotational basis to various classes
  • SNA experience

How long will it take to process my application?

Processing will commence from the 1st September 2016, it is anticipated that it will take an average 2-3 weeks to process an application after receipt of a fully completed form.

Can I apply for full registration if I received an outcome which required additional time during my supplementary visit from the Inspector?

Yes you can apply. However, if you previously were given an outcome of requiring a further period to develop and demonstrate professional competence, you will be asked to provide your supplementary report. The 50 day period will only be counted for service given after the date on which the report was completed.

Can I apply for full registration if I received an outcome of not having demonstrated satisfactory professional competence during a supplementary visit from the Inspector?

Yes, you can apply. However, if you previously were given an outcome of having not demonstrated satisfactory professional competence, additional documentation including supplementary reports will be sought from you. These will be considered by the Registration Panel.

I am a Principal, can I apply for registration?

Yes you can apply for full registration if you are a Principal who has previously been probated in a restricted setting but you may not sign the Principal sector of your own form.

If you are a Principal in the school where you completed your 50 day service, please get the Chair of the Board of Management to confirm the details on the form. They should cross out Principal and insert BOM Chair. If you completed your service in another school please get the Principal of the school where you completed your service to confirm the details on the form.