Newly Qualified Teachers

How do I register when I successfully complete my teacher education programme?

Full information about the registration process for newly qualified teachers is available here.

As part of the online NQT Fast-track registration process your course provider will ask for your consent to transfer your final results to the Teaching Council electronically. This will initiate the applications process. 

Once the Teaching Council receives your results from your course provider you will receive an email from the Council outlining the next steps required to complete your registration. If academic transcripts for your undergraduate qualification have not been previously submitted these will be requested from you.

In order for registration to be completed you are required to be Vetted through the Teaching Council. We advise you to start this process immediately if you have not already done so.

When all required documentation is received you will receive a further email from the Teaching Council with a link to complete the standard registration declarations and submit payment of the €90 registration fee online. You will have 10 days to complete the declarations/payment before your NQT Fast-Track application becomes null & void.

The Council will then contact you again to inform you that you are registered.

I am already registered. Is there anything I need to do?

If you are already registered under Route 3: Further Education you will still need to give your course provider consent to transfer your results or you will not be able to avail of the NQT Fast Track Registration process.

Once your results have been transferred you will receive an email from the Council advising that your registration has been updated.

How will the Teaching Council contact me?

Following the transfer of your results from your course provider the Council will contact you by email with information regarding your registration. It is vitally important that your contact details remain up to date.

I require a registration number now for substitution. Can I register in advance of completing my teacher education qualification?

In order to register under Route 3: Further Education you are required to hold a degree qualification worth a minimum of 180 ECTS. Registration must be completed online via the 'My Registration' portal and any documentation requested throughout should be submitted. 

If you are applying for registration in advance of the NQT Fast Track Registration process, please include a note on the application form confirming that you are a PME Year 1 or PME Year 2 student.

Do I have to submit my transcripts as part of the NQT Fast Track process?

It is advisable to have your undergraduate academic transcripts ready for submission if you are a Primary PME student, or a Post Primary PME student and did not partake in PME Verification in year 1 of your qualification. These transcripts will be required to complete your registration and will be requested from you if not previously submitted.

I have been notified of a shortfall in my undergraduate qualification as a result of the PME Verification process. What do I need to submit?

In order to register under Route 2 (Post-Primary) of the Teaching Council Registration Regulations 2016 it is a requirement that you meet the requirements for at least one post-primary curricular subject.

If you have been notified of a shortfall, e.g. credit shortfall, linguistic competency requirement for languages, you are required to submit evidence of completion in order to be registered with that subject. Please note that where you do not hold at least one approved subject, registration cannot be finalised until this evidence is received. If you have been approved for at least one subject and have been notified of a shortfall in an additional subject, your application will be processed with the approved subject(s) only until evidence of completion of the shortfall(s) is received.

I have not been able to complete my residential experience for my language subject(s), will I be able to register?

As part of the curricular subject requirements for all post-primary languages (including Gaeilge), there is a residential experience requirement of a period of 2 months/8 weeks. The Council has reduced this requirement to 6 weeks given the current restrictions on travel. If you have not fully met the 6-week requirement when applying for registration with the Council, you will be granted registration with a specific language condition referred to as C-19. The C-19 condition has a timeframe of 1 year to complete.

What must I do when I obtain a teaching position?

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) or Education and Training Board (ETB) previously known as VEC) require your Teaching Council registration number. You should be registered and have proof of both your registration and Vetting when seeking a teaching position. Further details on teacher recruitment, registration and qualifications are provided by the Department of Education and Skills in the Department of Education and Skills (

How long does the Vetting Process take?

The vetting application process consists of a number of steps, which are explained in the Guide to Applying for Vetting. As part of the NQT fast track registration process we are inviting NQT applicants to return their vetting form by email to Please include your vetting number, name, and NQT2021 in the subject field.

On receipt of correctly completed forms with the required certified copies of identification, at present approximately 80% of Vetting applications are returned within 7 – 10 working days.

We advise that you complete the Vetting process as soon as possible as application volumes increase during the summer months and the process may take longer.

I have been Vetted through the GAA/ School/ College etc. Do I need to complete vetting?

Yes. The Teaching Council is the authorised body for administering vetting for teachers in Ireland and is required to assess a vetting disclosure for suitability for registration. Only vetting carried out via the Council can be accepted for registration.

Can I be registered without having completed the vetting process?

No. Vetting is a requirement of registration. A teacher will not be registered without successful completion of Vetting. For registration purposes all teachers must apply for Vetting via the Teaching Council.

Do I need to include my address during my time spent in college on the Vetting Application Form?

Yes. All addresses where you resided for more than three months must be included in your Vetting application.

How will I know when the Vetting process is complete?

Teachers can check the status of a vetting application by using the vetting application number and logging on to the National Vetting Bureau website.

When the Vetting process is complete, you will:

  • receive an email from the National Vetting Bureau stating that your Vetting disclosure has been issued to the Teaching Council
  • receive an email from the Teaching Council containing a link to your Vetting disclosure once it has been processed
  • be required to log in or create an account with Digitary* to view your disclosure.

*Digitary is the Teaching Council's online solution that teachers will use to receive their Vetting disclosure.

If additional foreign clearance has been requested from you your vetting application will be considered incomplete until this has been submitted.

Is there a fee for registration?

Yes. The initial application fee for registration is €90. The annual registration renewal fee thereafter is €65.

How will I know when I am registered?

You will receive an email from the Council advising that your registration is complete and that you can access your “Certificate of Registration” through the “My Registration” facility on the website.

What happens if I have to complete supplemental (repeat) examinations?

If your details are not transferred to the Teaching Council in the summer months due to incomplete results or where supplemental (repeat) exams are necessary, you will be required to download a standard application form for registration. The form may be submitted following the successful completion of any supplemental examinations. The form must be accompanied by the required documentation outlined on the application form. Please note you will not receive a reminder to register from the Teaching Council if you are sitting repeat/ supplemental examinations.