Researchmeet and Rang Bianca

This year, the Researchmeet will involve contributions from teachers and other researchers who were awarded research funding by the Teaching Council under the first round of the John Coolahan Research Support Framework. The researchmeet will afford delegates an opportunity to hear more about the 33 projects that were funded and, perhaps more importantly, about the researchers’ “warts and all” experience on their particular research journeys.

Rang Bianca will be an open, interactive space where teachers can discuss and troubleshoot their research issues and ideas with their fellow attendees, fellow teachers carrying out research as part of the Research Support Framework and staff from the Centre for Effective Services. This space will be open to all.


Researchmeet will run from 19:30-20:30 on Friday and will be held in the SU Lounge.

  1. Irish National Survey of Scientific Inquiry
  2. Droichead: Bridging the Gap
  3. Student teachers' collaborative experiences during school placement; barriers and opportunities
  4. Developing a collaborative interdisciplinary learning community to build the capacity of teachers on evidence informed handwriting teaching
  5. The Impact of a Positive Behaviour Support Intervention 'Check-in/Check-out' on Challenging Behaviour in an Irish Mainstream Primary School
  6. To investigate the impact of learning space design on science teaching and learning
  7. Exploring the use of a Lesson Study Model to promote learning
  8. Evidence based teaching portfolios: A valuable tool for reflective practice in teaching and learning.


Researchmeet on Saturday will take place from 11:00-13:00, again in the SU Lounge.

  1. Teaching strategies for use with children who are deafblind within the classroom
  2. Developing a communications system for nonverbal senior pupils in a special school
  3. Improving Teaching in my School Through Peer Collaboration
  4. The Impact of Creative Team Teaching & ICT on Learning in One-Hour Classes
  5. Analysis of teachers' pedagogy belief change and teachers' technology belief change during experience of a virtual professional learning team
  6. To critically investigate and analysis the effectiveness of co-operative teaching in literacy, in building a collaborative culture amongst teachers
  7. The successful translation of neuropsychological assessment into everyday classroom environments
  8. Developing, sustaining and promoting NEARI as a collaborative research network for educational practitioners
  9. The experiences of children in multigrade classrooms growing up in Ireland.
  10. To explore teacher’s experiences and perceptions of mental and emotional health promotion in Irish primary schools
  11. An inter-generational dialogue: Dramatising SPHE
  12. “Our Voices, Our Images, Our Story” A Narrative Inquiry Study on Primary Pupil’s Experience in Designated Disadvantaged Schools in Ireland
  13. Irish Network in Childhood Bilingualism
  14. The use of music in Action-Orientated language learning
  15. A comparative investigation into the extent and integration of ICT and new media practice while promoting creativity in Irish secondary schools
  16. The nature of pedagogy in a Post Leaving Certificate College
  17. An exploratory case study of aspects of the Leaving Certificate Computer Science Draft Specification
  18. Is current practice in teaching practical work an effective means of developing students' conceptual understanding of Leaving Certificate biology?
  19. Context, Culture and Curriculum: A cross-national comparative study examining the implementation of formative assessment in Ireland and Scotland
  20. Research on men in teaching
  21. Discovery Learning: A Case Study on the Implementation and Impact on Students and Teachers.