Cosán Seminar

Cosán LogoThe Teaching Council hosted a seminar on Cosán: The National Framework for Teachers' Learning at the Gresham Hotel on 13 May 2017. The purpose of the day was to provide teachers with an overview of Cosán and the teacher-led development process through which it will be further refined over the coming years. It also provided an opportunity for the Council to learn about the supports which teachers might need to participate in the development process. Primary, post-primary and further education teachers from around the country attended the event and provided a wealth of feedback which will inform the Council's planning for the development process, a sample of which is given below:

"I am excited by the potential of this process to enhance the profession and create awareness of the dedication and commitment to excellence of this nation's teachers". 

"Very glad I travelled from Cork to the event. Reassured by how the process is developing. Grateful to be consulted yet again by the teaching council throughout all stages of the process. This should truly make it a viable and workable framework for future use by all parties involved" 

"Excellent event, great buzz, highlighting what is great about teachers!" 

"I assumed the Cosan programme would be laid out clearly at the session. I now understand why that is not the case but I'm still unsure of what the end product will look. Still early days and it will be interesting to see how this works. I'm heartened to see it will not be simply a bureaucratic exercise."

"Cosan is a very exciting departure for Irish Education and could probably have been named Ceim or Staighre as it does not represent a flat journey but rather an evolving and developing climb in a teacher's career. It is excellent that teachers will have a say in the design and implementation of this process and I look forward to being part of it. Speakers on the day were inclusive, positive and engaging which gave the day an atmosphere of being part of an important development in the future of Irish education. Ar aghaidh linn! :)" 

Individual teachers, networks of teachers, or schools that wish to become involved in the development process, or who simply wish to find out more, are advised to consult the Cosán pages of the Council's website hereand to email