Review of the Droichead policy

The Teaching Council is currently undertaking a review of its Droichead policy. Droichead is the enhanced model of induction for NQTS.

This review arises from concerns expressed by both stakeholders and many of its own Council Members and is also consistent with Council's ongoing commitment to periodic policy review. The review is being conducted on behalf of Council by the Education Committee. As a modus operandi, the Education Committee has established a Working Group which will examine all aspects of the Droichead Policy including resourcing and time. The Group will make recommendations for change  as deemed appropriate. Such recommendations will be considered by both the Education Committee and by Council itself. The Working Group is now in a period of intensive work and it is expected that its work will have concluded before the end of this year.

Our intention is that the review will result in an updated Droichead policy which will win the support of all stakeholders.