Cosán Development Process

The concept of life-long learning in the teaching profession has been endorsed by educationalists and teachers for many years. Informed by research and extensive consultation, a Policy on the Continuum of Teacher Education was published in 2011 by the Teaching Council.

Subsequently, in 2016, the Council published Cosán, the national framework for teachers’ learning.  In that document, the Council noted that Cosán is firmly rooted in and acknowledges the learning that teachers already do.

Cosán is the subject of a development process, where teachers are leading a conversation on what it might look like in practice.

Council has established a Cosán Working Group to oversee the development process. During this process, Council is inviting teachers to workshops to facilitate face-to-face conversations about Cosán and their own professional learning. Teachers can also attend Cosán Shared Learning Days where those who have engaged with Cosán can share their insights and learning with their peers.

Further information on the Cosán Development Process can be found here.  

The need to encourage and support teachers in their engagement in this professional learning is fundamental to this conversation on Cosán. This includes the need for space and time for that conversation. A key finding emerging from the process to date is that teachers’ learning, and their reflection on that learning, is a complex process.

At its last meeting in October, the Council approved the following motion:

Council recognises the importance of ongoing CPD for all teachers as part of their life-long learning. Council believes that CPD should be both encouraged and incentivised and mandates the Cosán working group to produce proposals to bring to the Council as to how this can be done. In this regard, Council resolves that renewal of teachers' registration will not at this time be subject to engagement in CPD.