Top Five Reasons for Returning Form Ds Droichead 2021/2022 to Newly Qualified Teachers

 Listed below are the top five reasons why Form Ds are returned to Newly Qualified Teachers:

  1. The Completion Date provided in Section 3 – Droichead Timeline doesn’t match the completion date entered by PST members in Section 8 (a) – Joint Declaration. Please ensure that all the dates (appointment date, Droichead commencement date, completion date) are correct before submitting your Form D.
  2. The address and/or email provided in Section 1 – Personal Details does not match those provided when the application for Droichead was made.  If you need to update either your postal address or email address, please log in to the My Registration portal and follow instructions on how to change your “personal details”.
  3. Section 8 (a) – Joint Declaration must be signed and dated by the PST members and the NQT.
  4. Section 7 - Reflective practice should not be left blank. Both boxes must be ticked, and an area of professional interest must be entered.
  5. You must indicate the setting in which you completed Droichead in Section 3 – Droichead Timeline.


When filling out your Form D, please ensure that all relevant fields are populated, all tick boxes are checked and relevant sections are signed, dated, and stamped. Incomplete forms cannot be processed and will be returned for completion/correction. It is only on receipt of a fully completed original form that the Teaching Council will be in a position to determine the removal of the condition of Droichead and the update of your registration status.

Publication date: 31 January 2022