Tailored Registration Process for Qualified Ukrainian Teachers


The Teaching Council is the regulatory body which is designated as the Competent Authority within the State for the assessment and recognition of teaching qualifications from EU and third country applicants. The registration process is legislatively underpinned by both EU and Irish legislation in the form of the Professional Qualifications Directive (EU Directive 2005/36/EC, as amended); EU (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulations (SI 8 of 2017); Teaching Council Acts 2001-2015, the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012; and Teaching Council (Registration) Regulations 2016. 

  • The Teaching Council has developed a tailored registration process to support the registration of qualified Ukrainian teachers who have been granted Temporary Protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive.
  • The tailored process takes account of the legislation outlined above and the ‘Guidelines on the recognition of professional qualifications of people fleeing from the war in Ukraine’ published by the European Commission.
  • A specific application form (UKR-01) and Guidance Notes have been developed. All queries and requests for application documents should be addressed to ukrainianteachers@teachingcouncil.ie.

The Process

This tailored application process is applicable only for teachers who have qualified in Ukraine and have been granted Temporary Protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive. 

A person deemed to be a qualified teacher has completed a teacher education qualification at university level and can provide evidence of qualification as a teacher from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and/or from a Ukrainian university in which they qualified.

  • To support the registration of qualified Ukrainian teachers who have been granted Temporary Protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive, the Council has modified the sequencing of processes in the registration process. The qualifications of qualified Ukrainian applicants eligible to apply under this process will be assessed following initial registration. This assessment process is to ensure that qualifications are of a comparable standard to those achieved by graduates of accredited programmes in Ireland. Where significant differences arise, conditions are applied to the teacher’s registration. 
  • The vetting and police clearance processes have also been adjusted to ensure that standards are maintained while taking account of the unique situation in Ukraine. 

Eligibility Requirements to access the tailored process for Ukrainian Teachers 

Teachers who have qualified in Ukraine can apply for registration by completing the UKR-01 application form, if they meet the following two eligibility and qualification requirements:   

a) They have been granted Temporary Protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive and can provide evidence of Temporary Protection Status from the Department of Justice.  


b) They have qualified as a teacher in Ukraine and can supply evidence of registration or a licence to teach in Ukraine and/or evidence of a qualification as a teacher from the Ukrainian University in which they qualified.

  • Applications that do not meet these eligibility requirements will be refused access to this process. 
  • A list of supporting documentation that should be submitted with the UKR-01 application is available in the Guidance Notes for Ukrainian Teachers available from ukrainianteachers@teachingcouncil.ie.

Routes of Registration

Applicants must select the Route of registration for which they are qualified/have a licence to teach.  

Route 1 – Primary (teacher holds a teacher education qualification aimed at 4-12 year old pupils)  

Route 2 – Post-primary (teacher holds a teacher education qualification aimed at 12-18 year old pupils and meets the Teaching Council Curricular Subject Requirements for at least one subject). Applicants who do not meet the requirements for a curricular subject will be directed to apply for registration under Route 3

Route 4 – Other (teacher holds a teacher education qualification specialising in the area of special educational needs). 

Registration with Conditions

Registration with conditions, is granted when an applicant for registration has not fulfilled all of the Council's registration requirements. If registration with conditions is granted, the Council will inform the teacher of the conditions imposed, the measures required to meet them, and the timeframe within which they must be met. Conditions will be recorded on the Register and on the teacher's Registration letter. Applicable conditions for Ukrainian teachers may include: 

    1. Qualifications Assessment 
    2. English Language Requirement 
    3. Police Clearance  
    4. Irish Language Requirement (primary teachers) 
    5. History and Structure of the Irish Education System (post-primary teachers)   
    6. Droichead (integrated professional induction framework)

How to Apply

To commence the application process email ukrainianteachers@teachingcouncil.ie.

I do not meet the Eligibility Requirements to access the tailored process. What are my options? 

Ukrainian nationals who hold a third-level qualification at minimum level 8 on the NFQ, but do not hold a teacher education qualification, may wish to consider applying for registration under Route 3: Further Education.  Please click HERE for further information on Route 3 registration and how to apply.