Why Do I Need to Register?

The Minister for Education and Skills commenced Section 30 of the Teaching Council Act, 2001 on 28 January 2014. Section 30 makes it a requirement for teachers to register with the Teaching Council in order to be paid a salary by the State.

Advice for teachers who are already registered

All teachers who are registered should confirm their renewal date through My Registration or by checking the receipt issued to them when they last renewed. If a teacher does not renew registration on time, and his/her salary comes from State funds, then his/her salary will be stopped. The Council does not want this to happen to any teacher.

Teachers are responsible for ensuring that their contact details are up to date – home address, email and phone numbers may be updated through My Registration.  This enables the Council to make every effort to notify you in plenty of time before your registration is due for renewal. 

Department of Education and Skills Circulars 0025/2013 and 0052/2013

The Department of Education and Skills Circular 0025/2013 on Section 30 explains the requirement for teachers in recognised schools to be registered. 

The Department of Education and Skills Circular 0052/2013 on Section 30 explains the procedures to managerial authorities and Education and Training Boards on the commencement  of Section 30 in recognised schools. 

Further Information about Section 30