The Teaching Council has a statutory responsibility for establishing procedures for the induction of newly qualified teachers.  Induction is a programme of teacher education which takes place during that critical period at the beginning of the newly qualified teacher’s career, usually the first year after qualifying as a teacher. Recognising the importance of the continuum of teacher education, induction aims to develop a culture of lifelong learning in each teacher. The purpose of an induction programme is to offer systematic professional and personal support to the newly qualified teacher.

From September 2013, the Council introduced a new model of school-based induction on a pilot basis called Droichead.

An induction workshop programme is also available, through the NIPT, and completion of that programme is a registration requirement for all NQTs who graduated with their teacher education qualification in 2012 and subsequently.


The sections of the Teaching Council Act, 2001 dealing with probation were commenced in September 2012. This means that the Council has a statutory responsibility for establishing procedures and criteria for the probation of newly qualified teachers. To register fully, all primary teachers must complete a probationary process. For further information, click here.