Céim: Standards for Initial Teacher Education

In November 2020, the Teaching Council launched the revised standards for programmes of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Céim: Standards for Initial Teacher Education.

In 2011, the Teaching Council published the first edition of standards for programmes of ITE, Initial Teacher Education: Criteria and Guidelines for Programme Providers. The first cycle of the review and accreditation of the reconceptualised programmes was completed in 2015. In preparation for the next cycle of the review and accreditation process, the Council has reviewed its policy on standards for programmes of ITE which has been informed by an extensive consultation process with all key stakeholders and commissioned research on school placement.

All new Primary and Post-primary programmes submitted to the Council for accreditation must now be in alignment with Céim. Existing programmes of ITE shall be realigned in accordance with Céim for commencement in September 2022 for first year student teachers.