Obtaining Police Clearance

If you are applying for registration with the Teaching Council and have lived outside of Ireland or Northern Ireland for a cumulative period of 12 months after the age of 18, you must provide a certified copy of police clearance for each country in which you have resided. Certificates must cover the entire period of residence in each country.

There are varying arrangements for obtaining police clearance, which differ from country to country. For example, you may need to be a citizen of the country or resident in the country at the time of making the request for police clearance.

The list of countries below is a guide only and you should always check the website, embassy or consulate office for further details and the most up-to-date information. This is not an exhaustive list and for countries not listed you should contact the embassy of the country in which you resided for assistance. Information about embassies can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs website – www.dfa.ie.

You may also find the following website useful: http://www.wikiprocedure.com/index.php/Wikiprocedure.

The Teaching Council is not responsible for the content of the links provided.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Organisation or Body: Abu Dhabi Police

Website: AbuDhabi Police (adpolice.gov.ae)


Organisation or Body: Republic of Albania Ministry of Justice

Applicants should apply for a Deshimi at the local Office of Juridical State or at:

Zyra e Gjendjes Gjyqësore
Buleavardi “Zogu I”
Tirana, Albania

Tel/fax: +355 4 228292


Organisation or Body: Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos

Website: Registro Nacional de Reincidencia | Argentina.gob.ar

For information on how to apply, visit the website of the Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos as listed.


Organisation or Body: Australian Federal Police

Website: Australian Federal Police (afp.gov.au)

Complete the Australian Federal Police National Police Check (NPC) application form.

Australian Federal Police
Locked Bag 8550
Canberra City ACT 2601


Organisation or Body: Vienna Police Department – Criminal Records

Residents: An application for a Criminal Records Check may be filed in Austria at police departments in main cities or at the mayor's office in smaller towns/villages.

Non-residents: Apply to an Austrian embassy or consulate or contact:

Information Services Vienna Police
Department – Criminal Records
Wasagasse 22, A-1090 Vienna, Austria

Email: bpdw.strafregisteramt@polizei.gv.at

The Bahamas

Organisation or Body: Royal Bahamas Police Force

Website: Forms - Government - Details (bahamas.gov.bs)

Applicants should apply with passport details, place of residence in The Bahamas, one photograph and a certified set of fingerprints, and pay the applicable fees. Requests can be made online to the local police station or to:

Officer in Charge, Criminal Records Office
P.O. Box N 458
Nassau, Bahamas


Organisation or Body: Embassy of Belgium in Dublin

Website: Diplomatie.be

Federal Public Service Justice
Service du Casier Judiciaire Central
115 Waterloo Boulevard
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Email: cjc-csr@just.fgov.be

Email: tcorts@justicia.ad

You may need a letter from the Teaching Council stating why the clearance is being requested.


Residents: Apply in person for a Police Clearance Certificate at the regional court where you are registered.

Non-residents: If you live outside Bulgaria, apply at the Bulgarian embassy.


Organisation or Body: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Website: Criminal record checks | Royal Canadian Mounted Police (rcmp-grc.gc.ca)

How you apply depends on whether or not you are resident in Canada.

For full information on how to apply visit the website.


Website: Servicio de Registro Civil

Apply for a Certificado de Antecedentes para Fines Especiales online at Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación (available in Spanish only).

China PR

Organisation or Body: The Public Security Bureau (PSB) of China

Residents: Apply to your local Public Security Bureau.

Non-residents: Contact the Teaching Council.


Organisation or Body: Criminal Record Office of the Cyprus Police

Website: Cyprus Police | Crime Combating Department

Residents: Apply to your local police station.

Non-residents: Apply to:

Chief of Police
Police Headquarters
P.O. Box 2022
Nicosia, Cyprus


Organisation or Body: Danish Police

Website: Fingerprint expert | Police Clearance Certificates | PCC - Service - Denmark

Residents: Apply in person at any police station.

Non-residents: Non-residents registered with the National Registry of Denmark, apply to:

Rigspolitichefen, Afdeling D
P.O. Box 93
Landlystvej 34-40
2650 Hvidovre

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Organisation or Body: Dubai Police

Website: Police Clearance Certificate (dubaipolice.gov.ae)

Residents: Apply to your local police department.

Non-residents: Apply to:

Criminal Investigation Department
Dubai Police General Headquarters
P.O. Box 1493, Dubai, UAE


Organisation or Body: The Finnish Police

Website: Finnish Country Signing Certificate Authority (CSCA) - Police (poliisi.fi)

For information contact:

P.O. Box 157
FI–13101 Hämeenlinna, Finland
Email: oikeusrekisterikeskus@om.fi


Organisation or Body: Ministry of Justice

Website: Demande d'extrait de casier judiciaire (bulletin n°3) - Casier judiciaire national - Ministère de la Justice

Online applications, which are free of charge, can be made through the website. 


Organisation or Body: Federal Office of Justice

Website: BfJ - Startseite (bundesjustizamt.de)

Residents: Apply for a police clearance certificate from the Federal Central Register of the Public Prosecutor General at the Federal Court of Justice.

Non-residents: Non-residents can apply for a “Führungszeugnis” to:

Bundesamt für Justiz
Sachgebiet IV 21 / IR
53094 Bonn


Organisation or Body: Consular Section of the Embassy of Greece in Ireland

Website: Υπουργείο Δικαιοσύνης – Ministry of Justice

Residents: Apply for a Penal Certificate for General Purposes issued by:

Ministry of Justice
Division of Criminal
Mesogion 96
11527 Athens

Non-residents: Non-residents must apply through the Greek embassy or consulate.


Organisation or Body: Embassy of India

Website: How to Apply for Passport | Steps for applying Passport Application (passportindia.gov.in)

Residents: Apply to the local Senior Superintendent/Superintendent/Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner/Additional Commissioner of Police, Station House Officer or the Regional Passport Office. See website.

Non-residents: Irish non-residents should apply to the Embassy of India – indcons@eircom.net


Organisation or Body: Ministry of Justice

Website: Ministero della giustizia

Contact the Office of the State Attorney, Judicial Records:

Procura della Repubblica, Casellario Giudiziale
Piazzale Clodio 1
00100 Roma (RM)

Further information and application forms can be found on the website.


Organisation or Body: Metropolitan Police Department Japan

Website: ページが見つかりません 警視庁 (tokyo.lg.jp)

Residents: Apply to:

The Police Certificate
1st Foreign Affairs
Tokyo Metropolitan
Police Department
2-1-1, Kasumigaseki
Tokyo, Japan

Non-residents: Contact the embassy or consulate.


Organisation or Body: Department of Legal Statistics and Special Records of the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Apply to the Department of Legal Statistics and Special Records of the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Korea (South)

Organisation or Body: Korean National Police Agency

Website: 경찰청 (police.go.kr)

Residents: Request a Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply (범죄·수사경력 회보서) from a police station in the Republic of Korea.

Non-residents: Further information on applying from Ireland can be found at: http://irl.mofa.go.kr/english/eu/irl/visa/Police/index.jsp.


Organisation or Body: Ministry of Internal Affairs

Residents: Contact:

Ministry of Internal
Affairs of Kyrgyzstan
469 Frunze Street
Bishkek 720040

Non-residents: Contact the consular section of the nearest Embassy of Kyrgyzstan.


Organisation or Body: Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Ireland

Contact the Embassy.


Organisation or Body: Criminal Records Office

Website: Applying for a criminal record certificate — Citizens — Guichet.lu - Administrative Guide - Luxembourg (public.lu)

Apply to:

Service du Casier Judiciaire
Cité judiciaire – Plateau du Saint-Esprit
Bâtiment BC – 1er étage
L-2080 Luxembourg

Email: casier.judiciaire@justice.etat.lu


Organisation or Body: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Website: Official Portal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia - Portal (kln.gov.my)

New Zealand

Organisation or Body: Ministry of Justice

Website: Ministry of Justice | New Zealand Ministry of Justice


Organisation or Body: Nigeria Police Force

Residents: Apply in person to:

Central Criminal
Force C.I.D. Annex
Alagbon Close Ikoyi
Lagos, Nigeria

Non-residents: Apply by courier to:

Commissioner of Police
Central Criminal Registry
Force C.I.D. Annex
Alagbon Close Ikoyi
Lagos, Nigeria


Organisation or Body: National Bureau of Investigation

Residents: Apply at the local National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Non-residents: Apply to the nearest Philippine embassy or consulate, or directly to the National Bureau of Investigation Identification and Record Division

Room 109, NBI Complex
Taft Avenue, Manila


Organisation or Body: The Ministry of Justice

Website: Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości - Portal Gov.pl (www.gov.pl)


Organisation or Body: Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs

Website: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (mae.ro)

Residents: Apply for a Certificat de Cazier Judiciar to the county police inspectorate in your county of birth or residence.

Non-residents: Apply to the embassy at www.mae.ro or apply through the Inspectoratul General al Politiei in Romania.

Police certificates may also be obtained by giving notarised power of attorney to a representative in Romania to apply on your behalf.

Saudi Arabia

Organisation or Body: Apply to your nearest police station.

Residents: Apply to your nearest police station.

Non-residents:  Contact the Teaching Council.


Organisation or Body: Crime Register of the Attorney General's Office

Website: Generálna prokuratúra (gov.sk)

Residents: Apply for a Výpis z Registra Trestov at any office of the public prosecution.

Non-residents: Apply at the Slovak embassy or consulate.

South Africa

Organisation or Body: South African Police Service

Website: Services | SAPS (South African Police Service)

Residents: Apply at the local South African Police Service office.

Non-residents: Apply to:

South African Police Service
Criminal Investigation Department
Private Bag X308
Pretoria 0001
South Africa


Organisation or Body: Ministry of Justice Madrid

Website: Formulario 790 - Trámites y gestiones personales (mjusticia.gob.es)

Complete a Model 790 Application available on the

Central Office of Citizen Services, Ministry of Justice
Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, 3
28012, Madrid


Organisation or Body: Swedish National Police Board

Website: Police Record Extracts | The Swedish Police Authority (polisen.se)

Full details are on the website.


Organisation or Body: Federal Office of Justice

Website: Order criminal records excerpt - Criminal records excerpts (admin.ch)

The Netherlands

Organisation or Body: Ministerie van Justitie (Letter required from The Teaching Council)

Website: How do I apply for a certificate of conduct (VOG)? | Government.nl


Organisation or Body: Association Of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office

Website: ACRO Criminal Records Office - Police Certificates

An International Child Protection Certificate is required for registration with the Teaching Council.

Full instructions on how to apply are available on the website.


Organisation or Body: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Website: МВС України (mvs.gov.ua)

United Arab Emirates

Organisation or Body: Ministry of Interior

Website: Ministry of Interior United Arab Emirates (moi.gov.ae)

Residents: Apply to the local police department.

Non-residents: Apply to the relevant Emirate Police Directorate for which you need clearance.

United States of America

Organisation or Body: FBI background check

Website: Rap Sheets (Identity History Summary Checks) — FBI

Full details on the website or apply to:

FBI, Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Attention: SCU, Mod D-2
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306


Organisation or Body: Criminal Records Office

Residents: Apply to:

Criminal Records Office
Criminal Investigations
P.O. Box CY 683
Causeway, Harare

Non-residents: Contact the Teaching Council.