The Teaching Council commenced re-vetting of all registered teachers in 2019/2020.

This will ensure that all teachers hold recent vetting in the event that the Minister for Justice announces a cycle for re-vetting for everyone working with children or vulnerable persons.

Teachers who hold a National Vetting Bureau Disclosure which is three years old will be issued a re-vetting request on a scheduled basis.

You can start the re-vetting process by logging in to your Teaching Council My Registration.

In order to remain on the Register of Teachers, teachers who comply with the re-vetting request can pay their renewal fee when it falls due.

If there is a conviction or a prosecution pending, registration will not be confirmed as renewed until the Council has considered the vetting disclosure.

What happens if I do not apply for re-vetting when requested?

If the re-vetting request is not complied with, registration may not be renewed.

Teachers who are not registered with the Council cannot receive a State funded salary and would be required to complete the full application process in order to return to the Register.

The full application process takes time to complete including submission of a detailed online application, providing evidence of qualifications, and vetting through the National Vetting Bureau. Backdating of registration to cover a period of non-registration is not permitted under the law.

Where can I get more information about vetting and registration?

Registered teachers can check their vetting status by logging into their My Registration.

Further information about the re-vetting process can be found on the Teaching Council FAQ page. 

Where can I get more information about vetting and employment?

The requirements for vetting under Circular 0031/2016 will continue to apply for all teachers who are changing employment.