Registration Renewal Step-by-Step guide


1. Registered Teacher – accessing your MyRegistration account for the first time

If you are a registered teacher, you will have previously been issued a unique link by email to activate your account. If you wish to have this link reissued, please email

  1. Click link in email
  2. Your username will be prepopulated (your username is your email address on your Teaching Council record)
  3. Create your password
    Note: Passwords must be at least 8 characters long. It must contain at least one uppercase letter, a
    number and a special character (e.g. * ! $).


2. Returning/Existing User

If you have already created a My Registration account, thereafter you can go to the My Registration login page on the Teaching Council website, and login using your username (email address) and password.


3. If you need to RESET your PASSWORD

  1. On the Login page, click the 'Forgotten password' button
  2. Enter your email address in the “Forgotten Password –User Name” box
  3. Select “Send Password Reminder”
    Assuming a match is found, you will receive an email. Select the link and this will allow you to change your password Log in using your email and new password. Password requirements are that it must be at least 8 character long. It must contain at least one uppercase letter, a number and a special character (e.g. * ! $).
  4. Application for Renewal of Registration
    Please note this is a two-step process. First step requires completion of renewal form (see 1-9 below) and second step is proceeding to payment of renewal fee, as per step 10 below.

Please be advised that you if you have been requested to carryout re-vetting and/or have condition(s) outstanding on your registration that expire within the next six months, you will not be able to renew your registration until you address this. Applications may be made by logging into “My Registration” and selecting “My Conditions” and/or “Vetting”

  1. Login to your My Registration account.
  2. Select the tile “Renew My Registration”
  3. Click on the 'Renew Now' button
  4. This page will contain Personal Details, please confirm information is correct.
    Important Note: All fields marked with * are mandatory for completion. If any of the information is incorrect or missing you will not be able to proceed to payment. A note in red will indicate which section of
    the form requires your attention, you can click on the relevant tab i.e., Personal Details, Teaching Service or Declarations which will bring you back to that section of the application form.
  5. Click 'Next Page' on the bottom right corner
  6. Renewal Application page, it is important to update Existing employment details i.e., confirm existing details held on Register or add new employment.
  7. Click 'Next Page' on the bottom right corner
  8. Declarations – all declaration questions must be answered
  9. Click 'Submit'
  10. Confirmation of application submitted will display and you may now proceed to pay the renewal fee
  11. Order summary (i.e., payment amount) will display. Click confirm
  12. Complete payment details page and click PAY NOW
  13. Once payment is made the following will display: Success. 'Your order has been processed successfully'. 
  14. An email will issue to your email address held on the Register advising that you have renewed your registration.